State-level C.U.R.E. meets the 4th Saturday of every month, starting at 10:00 a.m.  The meetings are held at the North United Methodist Church, located at 38th and Meridian streets in Indianapolis.   State-level meetings are focused on advocacy to change and improve the criminal justice system as well as to address topics of concern to the membership.  CURE seeks to work with all groups and individuals seeking transformational change in the Indiana criminal justice system.  With nearly 30,000 people incarcerated at the state-level and thousands more in county jail a significant percentage of the people of this state are directly affected by the criminal justice system.  There are systemic barriers to reentry that almost doom any convicted person to recidivate regardless of their desire or efforts to resume a normal life.  This must be changed!  Join Indiana C.U.R.E.   Together we can bring about a criminal justice system that works to reduce crime while creating opportunities for people entangled in the criminal justice system to recover productive and happy lives.  Do you see the potential for a local CURE chapter, or a Chainbreakers support group or an ex-inmate support group like CrossRoads in your town?   Or would you like to discuss issues facing the citizens of this state that CURE can address through its membership?   CURE Indiana would be delighted to send a speaker to speak to your group.  Please e-mail director@incure.org or call Lela Ewers (317) 831-0765

Indiana C.UR.E.

Indiana C.UR.E.


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